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Adeline de Monseignat

Adeline de Monseignat (1987, MC) Lives and works between London, UK and Mexico, MEX.

Her work focuses on the life within inanimate entities, through the study of mythology, symbolism, anthropomorphism and the uncanny. Recurrent motifs include the sphere, the seed, the wheel and the ladder that act as universal symbols for the cycles of birth, life and death. By contrasting natural materials such as marble, fur , sand and soil with manufactured ones such as glass, steel and digital media, she creates a dialogue between the natural and the man-made.

Her interest lies in making the familiar strange and retaining tensions between the threatening and the safe, the animate and inanimate, while remaining on the threshold between the known and the strange.

Adeline de Monseignat work often offers an unusual kind of physical and sensorial interaction. Her pieces often embark on a life of their own and tell stories within stories, which enhances their sense of life and presence.

2009 BA in Language and Culture, UCL 2011 MA in Fine Art from City & Guilds, London Art School

De Monseignat has been exhibited at Masa Galeria, Ronchini Gallery, Nahmad Projects, Blain Southern, Leila Heller, Victoria Miro, Cob Gallery, Totah, Kandlhofer, Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, Saatchi Gallery, Freud Museum, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Royal Society of Sculptors, Museo Federico Silva, Museo de Geologia, Exe- ter Phoenix, and in art fairs including Zona Maco, London Global Art Fair, Art Brussels, Salon Acme, Art Moscow and Arte Fiera Bologna. Residencies include Casa Wabi, Mexico, Villa Lena, Italy, Fibra, Colombia, Hogchester Arts, UK and the Land Art Road Trip, USA.

She is the recipient of the RBS Busrary Award 2013, The Catlin Art 2012 Visitor’s Prize and Arcadia Missa Gallery Prize 2011.