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Alice Guittard

Alice Guittard (1986, FRANCE) , lives and works in Paris, FR.

Preferring to the tangible results of imaginary solutions and to the roads all marked out their paths, Alice Guittard analyses her relationship to time, the viewer and the collective memory.

Her work always has as its starting point a literary reference and questions the notion of exhibition by re- vealing the background of creation and production. For her, exhibition rhymes with expedition.

Her desire to push the limits of the exhibition by inventing each time another format, another language is for her a way to give rise to surprising analogies in the observer. Persisting daily in creating evidence of a crime that did not happen, she offers us what is there before our eyes and that no one sees. The forms are offered to her and she takes care of assigning them a new destiny, like the toys of a mad god.

Alice Guittard is represented by the gallery Double V (Marseille, FR)