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Bertrand Boutin

Instagram : @bertrand.boutin

Bertrand Boutin was born and still lives on the French Riviera. At a very young age, he chose to follow a classical professional training, and graduated in cabinetmaking, furniture restoration and woodcarving in 1996. Following this first apprenticeship, he enrolled at the École Supérieure d’ébénisterie d’Avignon (ESEA) where he specialized in Sculpture and Gilding. He thus developed his true passion, sculpture, while gaining the excellence required for working on antique furniture.

He became a Master Craftsman and set up his own cabinetmaking workshop in 2002 in Cagnes-sur- Mer. Today, he is recognized by professionals and collectors who entrust him with the restoration of furniture created by the greatest French cabinetmakers of the 18th and 19th centuries such as Sormani, Linke, Befort and Dasson. Bertrand Boutin is an artist, a sculptor: his creativity, his love of shapes and his perfectionism give birth to works that are soft, seductive but also full of strength.