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Camille Chastang

Instagram : @camillechastang

Camille Chastang (born in 1994, works between Nice and Paris). After completing her degree in Textile Design, Camille Chastang left the Applied Arts to enter the Beaux Arts. At 26, she graduated from the Villa Arson in Nice. With these two backgrounds, she tries to reconcile and claim in her work, a status of equal parts decorative arts and fine arts. Her drawings have been published in the magazine Roven. She also writes texts about her relationship to drawing and has had the opportunity to present several readings to students during various workshops. In Camille Chastang’s work, drawing is the starting point for everything. She sees drawing as a way of being, that is, as a way of thinking, seeing and living. The reflection on the status of the sketch and the sketchbook in contemporary art is also very present in her practice. Camille Chastang leads a plastic reflection, linked to a more theoretical reflection on drawing as a medium, but also on the hierarchy of mediums, forms and subjects within drawing practices. Through her practice, drawn and written, she would like to deconstruct the power relationships between artistic practices and deconstruct the value relationships between subjects. Camille also writes texts to help her think about her work. Dorothy Allison’s text “Believing in Literature” has a particular relevance for her. 13