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Jen Miller

Instagram : @jenmillerw

Jen Miller is an artist from Nice born in 1985. She has been evolving in a strong artistic atmosphere since she was very young. Until then, she painted the bright colors of Provence, which she loves, and which give rhythm to her life. Passionate about foreign languages, she collects newspapers, brochures and magazines during her travels, not conceiving that they can be thrown away sometimes before being read. It was in January 2013 that a fabulous encounter opened the doors to an art form with powerful messages, aimed at raising awareness of the consequences of our actions. Inspired by the icons of an era marked by wars and during which each object had a primordial role, she then interrupts her work on the color to exploit a support which according to her will soon disappear, drowned by the internet wave. She then chose to freeze the words as well as the evils of our society, playing on the contrasts and the tints offered by this support while denouncing a mass production leading to a mass waste. 17