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Instagram : @kotek_prod

Immerse yourself in the unique world of an artist who blends the power of the streets with the delicacy of the canvas, sculpting emotions with bold shapes and colours that captivate the soul.

Kotek, a renowned multidisciplinary artist, captivated audiences with his unique and innovative works.

In Kotek’s creative universe, artistic hybridity comes to life, uniting canvas and sculpture to create unique and fascinating works. Each of Kotek’s pieces tells a visual story, blending the finesse of pictorial detail with the tangible solidity of sculpture. By transcending the conventional boundaries of art, his creations captivate the imagination, prompting reflection on the harmonious coexistence of two distinct mediums. Whether through abstract landscapes coming to life in three dimensions or sculptural figures emerging from expressive canvases, Kotek redefines the boundaries of artistic expression.