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Instagram : @Kouka_ntadi

KOUKA was born in Paris in 1981. Métis Congolo-French, actor of the Hip-Hop movement, then graduated from the school des Beaux-Arts, the artist’s thinking is rooted in a nomadic tradition. Asserting himself with an almost obsessive work on the portrait and the text, his painting questions identity and duality. He, child Blam cultivates these differences to probe the mysteries of the universal man on the canvases as in the street.

His work is characterized by the expressiveness and spontaneity of the gesture, voluntarily revealing imperfections, inaccuracies and drips The act of painting is profound, creating a veil between the artist’s face and the viewer that becomes protection and vector of thought. Indistinct, indecipherable, enigmatic, the language of his painting reveals the free course of a sincere man who became a flagship artist of the Jardin Rouge residence in Marrakech.