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Michel Soubeyrand

Instagram : @soubeyrand_michel)

With a deliciously ironic, corrosive and aesthetic sense of humour, Michel Soubeyrand explores our subconscious based on a central theme: animality, our animality.

He pokes fun at our egos by transforming us into extravagant characters from unbridled tales, legends and mythologies that would have been revisited by a three-dimensional comic book artist. Michel Soubeyrand handles humour and excess with an unparalleled sense of direction. If the spirit is resolutely pop, Soubeyrand has nothing in common with the pop, neo-pop and pseudo-kitch imitators who plunder Jeff Koons, Wim Delvoye, Jan Fabre or Ron Mueck. He shares with Mueck a sense of drawing and volume, and an exceptional technical mastery and rigour. Both started out in the world of film, advertising… and puppets – Mueck for the Muppet Show and Soubeyrand for the Bébête Show. His talent and mastery of sculpture enable him to give shape to any idea. Anchored in his Mediterranean world, he creates a joyful blend of Latin and Anglo-Saxon culture. The man becomes “Dog Killer”, a cross between a dog and a Smurf, armed with a water pistol. He metamorphoses into “Dog Vador”.