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Stéphane Cipre

Instagram : @stephanecipre

Stéphane Cipre is a unique artist whose life is marked by an unwavering passion for creation. Born in 1968 in Paris to a family from Nice, he trained as a model maker with his father in the family business.

Feeling limited in his personal creativity, he discovered a true passion for art and began studying at Villa Thiol and the Ecole du Louvre in evening classes. Naturally, like a revelation, art became a profound and sensitive means of expression for Stéphane Cipre. Extremely creative, Stéphane expresses his personal difficulties, both as a child and as an adult, through an artistic production that is both sincere and poetic.

His sensitive analyses of society allow the public to immerse themselves in the heart of contemporary art issues, transforming Stéphane into a philosopher through images. Each work tells us a story, ranging from disappointment in school to the realization of a globalization and mass culture that divides our societies. Cipre’s work freezes philosophical questions and inscribes our existences onto images.

His meticulous and multidisciplinary work, stemming from his initial training, gives him limitless creativity and makes him a unique artist. His works are revelations where words and their meanings merge into one through imagery. Stéphane modulates these three elements to make them inseparable, concocting a genuine response to what he calls “art-merchandise”. What is by nature intangible and therefore invaluable, becomes in the hands of the artist, valued like an ordinary consumer product!