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Laurent Bosio

Instagram : @laurent_bosio_officiel

Laurent Bosio’s artwork can leave no one indifferent. It combines telluric force and liberty of expression. “You love it, or you hate it” states the artist. What is remarkable in his work begun over twenty years ago is the power and sincerity it exudes. From the days of his polychrome and metal monsters to today’s bonsais, it is easy to measure the value he attributes to his sculptures and to the profession as a whole. Equally noteworthy is his constantly mutating imagination via his paintings’ brushwork and use of color which combine to give birth to his fantastic bestiary. Laurent Bosio is among those who allow their imagination to run free of all convention, proposing for us not without humor his highly personal universe where exaggeration is the rule ; is this not the most “niçois” of traits ? Whether or not his work displeases some is of little concern to him. He is often quoted as saying that form is merely an evolutionary pretext and that he draws from his environment a transformational force ; the roots of a tree, a rockface, urban architecture, the streets, markets, automobiles and people, all of which he re-mixes to become organic substance : a corpus of work that exceeds the confines of physical and mental space : an work that signals liberty while others speak of beauty and ugliness. This is an artist who aims at visual impact, as one might play darts: the essence being to hit the target with a minimum of shots.