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Past Exhibitions

Exhibition in 2021

Courber la ligne du temps

01.04.2021 – 29.10.2021

Group exhibition, organised by Stefania Angelini.

Resonating with the masculine artistic history of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, the summer exhibition at the Hôtel La Vague chooses to convey the alterity through the feminine, with a particular emphasis given to the space and environnement. A specificity which echoes strongly within the artistic heritage of the territory (Villa Santo Sospir, Villa E1027, Fondation Maeght, the numerous chapels, more recently Hôtel Windsor, to name a few). These artistic remains, ruins of the modern times, recount moments of friendship, a certain rhythm, inspired travels.

The purpose and vision of the Hôtel La Vague follow these narratives; the strongly connoted architecture, surrounded by an ethereal nature is an invitation to wander, meander and share.

The group exhibition ‘Courber la ligne du temps’ refers to the choreography of the bodies in the transiting space of the Hotel, breaking with the linearity of its time, where past, future and present shape every single instant.

Exhibition 2021

Alice Ronchi, Alice Guittard, Renata Har, Manoela Medeiros, Caroline Denervaud, Eve Pietruschi, Adeline de Monseignat, Olivia Barisano

Group exhibition, organised by Stefania Angelini.

ALICE RONCHI / 1 et 1’ 60 x 80 cm chacune (encadré)
Alice Guittard / 2 30 x 42 cm, encadré
RENATA HAR video, 7
EVE PIETRUSCHI / 6 et 6’ Vegetaux, plâtre
MANOELA MEDEIROS / 4 20 x 30 cm, technique mixte
MANOELA MEDEIROS / 7 in situ, Dimension variable
ALICE RONCHI / 8 255 x115 cm, Brass wire
ALICE GUITTARD / 9 30 x 42 cm, encadré
CAROLINE DENERVAUD / 10 80 x 120 cm
ALICE GUITTARD / 11 30 x 42 cm, encadré
EVE PIETRUSCHI / 12 80 x 120 cm (encadré) – série de monotype
ADELINE DE MONSEIGNAT / 13 Demeter Pod (Deesse de l’agriculture et des moissons) Encadré, boite americaine 30 x 43 cm
Courber la ligne du temps

Video by Renata Har